Spookfest was on Friday. For some reason, Cathy, Karen, and I took a long time getting ready for this rave.

Their bathroom has good lighting for getting ready and for mirror pictures! πŸ™‚ Can you tell what we’re dressed as?

The Trinh sisters applied their own eyeliner this time. I like to think I’ve taught them well! :p

After meeting up with Adrian and picking up Teresa, it was finally time to rave! Security was a b**** this night. Took us much too long to get into the arena, and then much longer to get to floor level. However, floor level tickets were definitely worth the money. The experience was amazing! Though Sebastian Ingrosso was the only DJ I knew, I still had fun during the short-time we were there. πŸ™‚

Mickey, Minnie, Daisy Duck, and Agnes from Despicable Me!

We were attempting to catch confetti hehe!

Adrian wanted to be part of this :p

Cute couple!

Buddies forever ❀

We were hungry after Spookfest (typical!) so we decided to head over to Shooting Star. The wait was too long and they were closing, so we had to order our food to-go. It was somewhat weird to see Daphne working there since we had never seen her outside a rave. :p

While waiting for our orders at Shooting Star Cafe.


I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat. Guess I was bound to get sick from drinking on a weekly basis and not getting enough sleep. 😦 Since Teresa had work, Annie and Shirley were nice enough to hang out with Cathy and I. πŸ™‚

Annie came to pick us all up and we had lunch with Teresa during her lunch break. After dropping Teresa back at work and grabbing Michelle from their grandma’s place, the four of us headed to Teaway in Alameda.

Love hanging out with Annie whenever I’m in the Bay! πŸ™‚

We picked up Shirley after she got off work and decided to head to Baystreet for some retail therapy. :p Just as we were talking about pumpkin patches, we saw one up the street. We wanted to go on the inflatable slides, but it would cost us $4-$8, so we settled for taking pictures instead.

This picture can totally be an ad for H&M. XD

Since their family had dinner plans, Cathy and I took the BART to Walnut Creek where Karen picked us up. We roamed around downtown while waiting for Adrian to get off work.

Toys galore! We spent forever looking at these at Barnes & Noble, and each left with (at least) one!

For dinner, we dined at Porno, a Korean restaurant. The name is quite scandalous! XD To kill time after dinner, we headed over to CREAM in Berkeley. The CREAM here is better than the one in Davis, and is $0.50 cheaper too.

Annie wanted to grab lunch today before we had to leave, so the six of us dined at Champa Garden. Teresa decided she wanted to come to Davis so she could grab her diploma. Since she had work until 5pm and Cathy wanted a new backpack from Northface, we parted ways. Cathy, Karen, and I spent about an hour at the Northface outlet in Berkeley and we all left with something. :p

Blurry picture, but we’re matching again! Twice this weekend. :p

After picking up Teresa, we decided to stop by Ikea for cheap (but yummy!) meatballs and to look at shelves. Karen ended up purchasing a shelf to display her toys. Woohoo! We talked nonstop the entire way from Oakland to West Sacramento. :p The majority of my weekends have flown by this past year. I’m always out and about with them! πŸ™‚


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