Alice and I made plans for high tea in San Francisco this Saturday. After perusing Yelp, we decided on Lovejoy’s Tea Room. We had made reservations for 1pm, but didn’t arrive until 2pm, since Alice was stuck in traffic for two hours. :( Our late arrival resulted in a shorter seating time since they were fully booked, but it was still a pleasant experience nonetheless!

Reserved for the Queen!


The bathroom is gorgeous!

image2image3Fancy fancy!


After tea, we headed across the street to Lovejoy’s Attic. It is a tiny store where they sell supplies for high tea and other tea-related materials. We were unwilling to call it a day after that, so we decided to grab dessert. We decided to head to Bi-Rite Creamery. Parking was horrible around the area. We spent 20 minutes circling around the neighborhoods before we found a parking spot. Luckily, the line wasn’t too long. It was definitely worth the hype! I ordered the single with two flavors: honey lavender and basil. I already crave the honey lavender again!

image6image7Always excited for ice cream. :)

It was sunny out; perfect day for high tea and ice cream! I’m glad Alice is always willing to meet me halfway in San Francisco. <3

friday-i-thought-you-would-never-come (1)


Survived my first week working in the real world! I’m still not used to an 8-hour work day, but at least I eat three meals a day now. :p Not too sure how I was hustled into working overtime my first week, but I guess it’s a good learning experience. Can’t believe I’ve entered the real world. :O


Henry was kind enough to drive Davis people to the State Fair this past Saturday. We left Davis at 12:30pm. We were running late, so it was a good thing the rest of our party was running late as well. We were famished by the time we arrived around 1:30pm. The fair seemed more packed this year than last since the regular lot was full. We had to park at Kaiser, which turned out to be a good thing, since it was easy to leave later that night.

I’m not quite sure how we always manage to spend about 8 hours at the fair. No wonder we’re always so tired and sore afterwards. :O We got our pictures taken as soon as we entered the fair.

Super blurry since they’re just proofs. :(

Next stop was food and drinks. Thankfully, it wasn’t in the hundreds this year.

Deep fried watermelon and they’re award winning?! O.o

Animal fries that I wished were more satisfying. :(

We spent the next several hours checking out the animals and exhibits. I wish we had time to get a personalized can of Coke! Second time that we’ve missed out on something Coke-related. First time was two weeks ago when we ran out of time to taste-test at World of Coca-Cola.

It felt nice to pet this cow…as weird as that sounds! XD

I don’t usually like goat cheese, but this was surprisingly good!

Story of my life. XD

Tribute to 9/11. Can’t believe it’s about to be 13 years! :O

Such a cool chessboard…

…and such pretty chess pieces!

Too bad I couldn’t capture the beauty of this piece! It is actually 3D. :O

Cute comics. We stood here for awhile reading.

Tapigami is where everything is created out of tape. Pricey, but cool concept.

Henry wanted to try the world’s hottest ice cream. Apparently, the ice cream contains ghost chili peppers which are illegal. My tongue and throat burned for a good 5 minutes from taking a tiny bite. I have no idea how Henry managed to finish the entire scoop! O.o Those of us who tried bites of that ice cream, washed the burn away with sticks of honey.

The day seemed like a blur now. I thought the exhibits, from the past two years, were more hands-on and that made it more fun. However, the hypnosis show this year was the best! She had a really great set of volunteers on stage, and she even added a new segment. It was interesting that the age group was much younger this year. Henry didn’t fall asleep at the show this year. That’s how you know it was good! XD

Henry was wide-awake to take a selfie during the show. XD

After the show, we wandered around to find tater twists. I had seen them in previous years and finally decided to try one this year. It was quite a walk. Who knew only one or two vendors would sell them at such a large fair? =/ I think I hyped it up too much for myself. It was good, but not mind-blowing. And definitely not worth the money!


Karen suggested going on rides this year. We ended up purchasing 80 tickets for $70, for the 8 of us. Quite pricey at nearly $5 a ride, but it was worth it. We chose bumper cars and the Gravitron. Bumper cars were too slow for my liking, but it was pretty fun even though all 7 of them sandwiched me! The Gravitron was such a mind-blowing experience. It was way beyond what I had imagined from Adrian, Cathy, and Karen’s descriptions. I was pretty disoriented walking out of that thing, so don’t go on a full stomach! XD I wouldn’t mind spending $10 to ride that one twice next time!

We left the fair around 10:30pm, and caught the fireworks show right outside. Their fireworks were majestic! Our original plan was to dine at Elephant Bar, but we ended up at BJ’s since Elephant Bar closed at 11pm. Unfortunately, Adrian, Cathy, and Karen were stuck in the fair parking lot for nearly an hour. Crazy!

Not sure if everything we ordered was really good, or we were just famished. We even had room for pizookies!

After we got back to Davis, Alex and Tony surprised Henry with a monitor, since Henry is turning 26 soon. I can’t believe Henry was only 22 when I met him. :O The monitor was also from Karen, but she couldn’t be here to see his reaction. Good thing Alex recorded the entire thing! Henry’s face was priceless when he opened the first troll package. He was definitely shocked when he unwrapped the monitor. It’s cute seeing what a great relationship he has with Alex, Karen, and Tony!

Another fun-filled event checked off my summer schedule. Can’t believe I’ll be done with school next week!