Henry was kind enough to drive Davis people to the State Fair this past Saturday. We left Davis at 12:30pm. We were running late, so it was a good thing the rest of our party was running late as well. We were famished by the time we arrived around 1:30pm. The fair seemed more packed this year than last since the regular lot was full. We had to park at Kaiser, which turned out to be a good thing, since it was easy to leave later that night.

I’m not quite sure how we always manage to spend about 8 hours at the fair. No wonder we’re always so tired and sore afterwards. :O We got our pictures taken as soon as we entered the fair.

Super blurry since they’re just proofs. :(

Next stop was food and drinks. Thankfully, it wasn’t in the hundreds this year.

Deep fried watermelon and they’re award winning?! O.o

Animal fries that I wished were more satisfying. :(

We spent the next several hours checking out the animals and exhibits. I wish we had time to get a personalized can of Coke! Second time that we’ve missed out on something Coke-related. First time was two weeks ago when we ran out of time to taste-test at World of Coca-Cola.

It felt nice to pet this cow…as weird as that sounds! XD

I don’t usually like goat cheese, but this was surprisingly good!

Story of my life. XD

Tribute to 9/11. Can’t believe it’s about to be 13 years! :O

Such a cool chessboard…

…and such pretty chess pieces!

Too bad I couldn’t capture the beauty of this piece! It is actually 3D. :O

Cute comics. We stood here for awhile reading.

Tapigami is where everything is created out of tape. Pricey, but cool concept.

Henry wanted to try the world’s hottest ice cream. Apparently, the ice cream contains ghost chili peppers which are illegal. My tongue and throat burned for a good 5 minutes from taking a tiny bite. I have no idea how Henry managed to finish the entire scoop! O.o Those of us who tried bites of that ice cream, washed the burn away with sticks of honey.

The day seemed like a blur now. I thought the exhibits, from the past two years, were more hands-on and that made it more fun. However, the hypnosis show this year was the best! She had a really great set of volunteers on stage, and she even added a new segment. It was interesting that the age group was much younger this year. Henry didn’t fall asleep at the show this year. That’s how you know it was good! XD

Henry was wide-awake to take a selfie during the show. XD

After the show, we wandered around to find tater twists. I had seen them in previous years and finally decided to try one this year. It was quite a walk. Who knew only one or two vendors would sell them at such a large fair? =/ I think I hyped it up too much for myself. It was good, but not mind-blowing. And definitely not worth the money!


Karen suggested going on rides this year. We ended up purchasing 80 tickets for $70, for the 8 of us. Quite pricey at nearly $5 a ride, but it was worth it. We chose bumper cars and the Gravitron. Bumper cars were too slow for my liking, but it was pretty fun even though all 7 of them sandwiched me! The Gravitron was such a mind-blowing experience. It was way beyond what I had imagined from Adrian, Cathy, and Karen’s descriptions. I was pretty disoriented walking out of that thing, so don’t go on a full stomach! XD I wouldn’t mind spending $10 to ride that one twice next time!

We left the fair around 10:30pm, and caught the fireworks show right outside. Their fireworks were majestic! Our original plan was to dine at Elephant Bar, but we ended up at BJ’s since Elephant Bar closed at 11pm. Unfortunately, Adrian, Cathy, and Karen were stuck in the fair parking lot for nearly an hour. Crazy!

Not sure if everything we ordered was really good, or we were just famished. We even had room for pizookies!

After we got back to Davis, Alex and Tony surprised Henry with a monitor, since Henry is turning 26 soon. I can’t believe Henry was only 22 when I met him. :O The monitor was also from Karen, but she couldn’t be here to see his reaction. Good thing Alex recorded the entire thing! Henry’s face was priceless when he opened the first troll package. He was definitely shocked when he unwrapped the monitor. It’s cute seeing what a great relationship he has with Alex, Karen, and Tony!

Another fun-filled event checked off my summer schedule. Can’t believe I’ll be done with school next week!



I’ve thought about getting a tattoo, on and off, in the past four years. The pain and permanence have always stopped me, and probably always will. However, if I were to actually get any, they would be small ones. I like these two designs and their locations:

I like these since they are aesthetically pleasing. Definitely not reason enough, for me, to actually act on it! XD



My friends and I spent the past weekend in Vegas. It was all of our first times, as adults, and we didn’t really know what to expect. I was definitely excited to see what memories we would create there! Amanda and I left Davis around 12pm on Friday. Since we had a few hours to kill before everyone else arrived, we decided to head to BevMo! to pick up spirits for our trip. We ended up spending quite awhile just looking at everything. Amanda bought a 6-pack of Skinnygirl margaritas, but we ended up leaving them behind. Before heading back to Amanda’s to pack, we stopped by T4 for boba and food. I wish there was a T4 in Davis! I am absolutely in love with the place since their milk green tea tastes exactly like the one I love back home: 50嵐!

Adrian, Cathy, and Karen arrived at Amanda’s a little after 7pm. We found out earlier that our flight was delayed by over an hour. Good thing the hotel allows late check-ins! After getting dropped off at the airport by Amanda’s dad and clearing security, we had about 50 minutes to kill. Our flight ended up being delayed an extra 20 minutes or so. I don’t think we took off until 9:30pm and our flight was originally at 7:40pm! Oh well, at least the flight only took a little over an hour.

Tired us are finally about to takeoff!

We knew we had arrived in Vegas as soon as we stepped off the plane. They had slot machines in the airport! Several flights arrived around the same time, so it took about half an hour to get a cab. Took about 20 minutes to get to Paris Las Vegas, our hotel, and then another 45 minutes to check-in. Guess it’s all part of the Vegas experience? XD Since we checked in so late, there were limited rooms left. They put us in a smoking room on the 5th floor, but told us we could switch to a non-smoking room first thing the next day. The smell was overwhelming once we stepped into our room. We asked housekeeping to spray our room with air freshener. That rid the smell for maybe 20 minutes. Thankfully, they also provided an ‘o-zone’ machine so we could breathe through the night. It was 12:30am by the time we left the hotel for food. Karen’s friend had suggested late-night $5.99 steak & eggs at Marilyn’s Cafe, located in Tuscany Hotel. It was absolutely delicious! We were extremely full afterwards and had energy to explore The Strip.

Happy kids! :)


This guy really wanted in on our selfie! XD

Gorgeous view at Caesar’s Palace! We saw all sorts of (drunk) people walking around The Strip. This city doesn’t sleep! It’s all glitzy and flashy 24/7. It was definitely amusing! I see why people say you travel the world when you’re here. You can be in another country just by crossing the street! On our way to the Planet Hollywood Casino, we passed by Sugar Factory in our hotel. Sugar Factory was recommended by Cathy and Karen’s cousin. We didn’t think we’d get to try it since Yelp said it closed at 2am. However, there was a sign outside that stated they were always open! We found out it was only the candy portion that closed at 2am. We ordered a White Gummy Goblet for the 5 of us to share. This was at 3am too! Go big or go home, right? XD

This was such a cool drink. When the goblet arrived at our table, it only consisted of gummy worms and dry ice. The server then poured alcohol in and this cool effect happened! The drink was also delicious (though it better have been for $36)! We spent the next two hours at the casino in Planet Hollywood and Paris before calling it a night at 5am.

Pushed two queen-sized beds together so we would all fit comfortably! :)


We were rudely awaken at 7 in the morning by housekeeping. Apparently they wanted their ‘o-zone’ machine back. Grr! We went back to sleep until 10am. I called the front desk for a room switch and they gladly sent the key up within 5 minutes. Fresh room with an even greater view on the 10th floor? Thanks, Paris!

View of the pool from our 10th floor hotel room!

We arrived at BurGR around 12:15pm. We had to wait until 1pm for a table, so we just killed time by exploring the Miracle Mile Shops. Our experience there was pleasant enough, but the food was just decent. I think we got too hyped up for it by our friends who have been here.

Truffle fries and the Farm Burger.

Cute menu!

$94? Eep! It was cool that the customer service satisfaction is given on an iPod Touch though!

By the time we were done with lunch, it was already 2pm. We had planned to wander all the way to the Las Vegas sign, but gave up on the idea since it was hot and late. Before wandering south of The Strip, we picked up two Yard Dogs from Fat Tuesday for a nice buzz. ;)

Amanda and I shared a Bellini and Mango Yard Dog. I chugged 1/3 of it too quickly and the buzz hit me hard when we arrived at World of Coca-Cola and M&M’s World. :O

We spent quite a bit of time at World of Coca-Cola. Wish prints of our pictures with the bear weren’t so expensive. Would’ve been a nice souvenir to purchase! Since taking pictures with the bear on our own devices was free, we did just that. We will taste test the different Coke flavors, from around the world, the next time we come!

Our next stop was the four-story M&M’s World. It was cool how each floor had different themes. If only we had more time to watch the free 3D movie! We didn’t have time for much this weekend. :(

Las Vegas sign and M&M characters? Killing two birds with one stone! XD

After M&M’s world, we headed back to the hotel to relax by our pool. I’m glad we got to utilize the pool. The view was gorgeous!

I love this picture! :)

We had tickets to watch Cirque de Soleil: Mystere at 7pm at Treasure Island. We ended up being half an hour late. We were also tired and took turns knocking out during the show. :( It was still worth the money during the time we were awake! I am looking forward to watching more shows in Vegas. Maybe Chippendale’s or Britney Spears next time? ;)

After the show, we went to eat at the Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian since it is in the same location as TAO, our choice of club for the night. Since I had contacted a promoter for TAO a few days before we arrived, we got in within 5 minutes, and with free admission! It was an interesting experience, and was fun until it became overcrowded. I have now learned not to wear sky-high heels to go clubbing! Sore feet is not the business! >.<

What a sexy group! ;)

We called it a night around 1am. Ended up spending the next two hours sitting in our bathtub to soak our sore feet. It was relaxing to just chill in our hotel room for the rest of the night.

From our hotel room at 2am!


We had a restful night of sleep before waking up at 9:45am to pack and check-out at 11am. After checking out and leaving our luggage with Paris, we took a cab to The Wynn. We grabbed a quick bite at one of the overpriced cafes before heading to Encore Beach Club at 12:30pm. Thankfully, we beat the large crowd and got in within 5 minutes (again thanks to a promoter). No idea that Zedd wouldn’t start his set until 3:30pm, but had a good time just hanging around. It was worth becoming all shriveled for Zedd. <3 We are in love with dayclubs! Definitely hitting up more than one pool party the next time we are in Vegas!

Numerous people wanted in on our selfies this weekend. :p

Can you spot us in the last two pictures? :O

Unfortunately, we had to leave at 4pm since we wanted to grab dinner at The Buffet before catching our 8:40pm flight. It was completely worth the $43 since we were all ready to pass out from food coma afterwards. Managed to snap a few photos around The Wynn before grabbing a cab back to our hotel.

I’m drooling just looking at this picture!

We had a bit of time to spare, so we made a quick stop at the ABC store to pick up a few souvenirs. Our flight was again slightly delayed going back. I didn’t end up getting back to Davis until 1am.

Back to reality. :(

It was such a tiring, but eventful weekend! We didn’t know what to expect but had so much fun that we are all having Vegas withdrawals. We have a list of things to do the next time we go to Vegas…hopefully in a few months! Though it was stressful planning this trip, I’m super glad it happened! I definitely have good memories (and stories to tell) from our short adventure in Sin City. :)